10 Useful Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

10 Useful Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

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10 Useful Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

How are your feet feeling? If you have diabetes, it’s important to “keep on top of” your feet, so to speak.

If you aren’t carefully caring for your feet, it’s time to start. But how do you know what to do?

Luckily, there are several things you can do to ensure you’re practicing proper diabetic foot care. Here are ten tips for caring for your feet at home.

1. Check Daily

Every day, assess how your feet are doing. Check for any red spots, swelling, or other issues. If you can’t properly see the bottoms of your feet, use a mirror or ask someone for help.

Don’t just assume nothing’s wrong! Always check.

2. Choose Good Socks and Shoes

Avoid walking barefoot, since going without shoes can lead to injury. Make sure you always choose good, supportive shoes and comfortable socks.

Do your best to wear supportive shoes at all times. If you’d like to wear fashionable shoes, try using inserts for more support.

3. Wash Every Day

Whether they appear or feel dirty or not, you should wash your feet every day. Once you’re done cleaning, dry your feet thoroughly. Don’t forget the areas between your toes!

4. Seek Help for Lesion Removal

If you spot any calluses or other lesions, don’t try to remove them yourself. Doing so may cause injury to your skin. Always consult your doctor or a podiatrist if something needs to be removed.

5. Use Your Elbow to Check Water

When testing the temperature of water, don’t use your feet! They may not give you an accurate response, due to potential nerve damage. Instead, use an elbow to make sure bath or pool water isn’t too hot.

6. Stay Dry

Moisture on your feet can lead to infection, so keep your feet dry. If your shoes and socks get sweaty or wet, take them off immediately.

Moisturizers are okay but don’t use them between your toes where the moisture will stick around.

7. Visit a Podiatrist Often

Routinely visit a podiatrist to make sure your feet stay nice and healthy. Even if you care for your feet properly, issues may develop.

8. Trim Your Nails

Keep your feet nicely groomed by trimming your nails often. Long toenails aren’t only unsightly. The long nails on one foot may damage the skin on your other foot, so keep them short.

Use an emery board to keep your nail edges nice and soft!

9. Go for Low-Impact

Getting exercise is important, but some exercises put a lot of pressure on your feet. Walking and swimming are better than running and jumping jacks.

10. Keep Blood Flowing

Smoking and crossing your legs for a long time can restrict the flow of blood to your feet. Avoid those activities! Feel free to put your feet up while sitting and make sure you move your toes and ankles often.

Proper Diabetic Foot Care is Important

Caring for your feet is important when you have diabetes. Luckily, diabetic foot care doesn’t have to be hard.

These ten simple tips will help keep your feet healthy. Start integrating them into your routine today!

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